• Rajai El Khadem

Mr El Khadem, in his current role as the Head of LinkedIn MENA for Public Sector works closely on issues like social media, employment and driving business growth, assisting the government to achieve the goals set in national agendas.
He has been instrumental in the launch of the UAE’s Economic Graph, a digital mapping system of professional skills, aimed to lift and transform the economy; and working with the UAE government as a partner in the Youth Data Hub, a initiative to aid future policy creation, and decision-making. Following on from LinkedIn’s participation at the World Government Summit 2017, urging strategic private and public partnership to expedite development, under Mr El Khadem’s leadership, LinkedIn MENA has committed to support the nation’s leadership in achieving the UAE Vision 2030 and the national agenda of employment.
Prior to LinkedIn, Mr El Khadem was a Regional Sales Manager with Microsoft where he developed and managed new markets that were considered ‘Emerging’ and ‘High Risk’ such Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria. He has over 16 years regional experience working across the region having been based in both the UAE and Lebanon during his career.