• Mansour Almethen

The speaker, Mr. Mansour Almethen, is deputy director for IT in Public Authority for Civil Information which one of Kuwait leading agency in information technology, PACI is responsible for maintaining all demographic detail and issuance of both the physical as well as electronic ID for citizens and residents o Kuwait.
Mr. Mansour Almethen spent nearly all his career life in PACI, during which, he participated and led several key advancement initiatives within PACI, within the state of Kuwait and within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Among these achievements are; building a world class registration system for citizens and residents of Kuwait, building a highly secure paper base ID based ID issuance system, building a unique delivery system for IDs, building a high secure smart card based ID issuance system. He also led the building of Kuwait PKI based e-identity. This is a key enabler for the e0government initiative in Kuwait which PACI is a key players.
Mr. Mansour achieve his computer science degree in 1991 from Monmouth university NJ USA. He join PACI in 1991 as programmer and has held multiple position in IT department till reach DDG of IT in PACI since 2010.