• Laveen Mansharamani

Laveen Mansharamani
Business Leader, Watson Internet of Things
IBM – Gulf & Levant

Laveen has over a decade of experience in leading strategic conversations and deliveries on operational efficiency and digital transformation. His move into Internet of Things, or what he likes to call, ‘the catalyst for business growth’, was a natural progression in his career.

Laveen is a true IoT evangelist and his experience in Enterprise Asset Management (Maximo) implementations and leading teams for a wide range of implementations across various industry segments has prepared him to champion the new era of technology solutions.

Laveen believes that IoT combined by cognitive abilities (Watson) can take enterprise and small businesses towards their profitable digital future for various industries including Transport, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas and many others.

Laveen has a  Masters (M.S) in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento, CA, USA and a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Electronics Engineering from the University of Pune, India