• Khaled Alhashash

Khaled Alhashash is Founder and CEO of Knowledge Economy Forum, with over 10 years’ experience in Knowledge Management, knowledge economy, knowledge based industries Working. Khaled is one of the flagship practitioners who have successfully created, developed and written about practical ways to stimulate knowledge economy, knowledge based government efficient and spark innovation. Khaled has delivered significant value for government entities in the areas of awareness of knowledge management, and knowledge economy. He was appointed as knowledge economy advisor for CBA Dean, and consultant at the Excellence Center in Management 2008 – 2014, currently he is appointed as advior at SC-SCPD. His specialty areas are Knowledge government building, knowledge ecosystem designing, knowledge driven education reforms, knowledge based industries and SMEs. Al-Hashash has also consulted for many government departments and private organizations in GCC region. Main initiatives and contributions in the knowledge management field are:
• The Economic Activities Law
• Adding knowledge consulting within the Economic activities (MoC)
• Preparing to write a knowledge management curriculum for high school
• Building Knowledge Economy Search Engine
• Developing Knowledge Index for Public Institutions

Khaled is the author of -knowledge economy: sustainable wealth-, as well Knowledge Economy Dictionary. Currently working on -knowledge governments: Roadmap towards 21th century.